Basically good

Basically good

For 30-plus years, I’ve been dancing around the idea of meditation.

The promise is so appealing. You’ve heard it too.

If we can only slow down—sit quietly—we will begin to find moments of stillness. That stillness will bring us clarity. We will see our basic goodness. And we will understand the patterns of our lives.

Then why haven’t I—why haven’t we all—committed? The list is long.

Laziness. Forgetfulness. Busy-ness. Fear. Skepticism. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.

Also, it sounds so hard!

But what if, according to the Shambhala tradition, instead of calling it "meditating," we call it “peacefully abiding”?

Hell, I can do that. Even the Dude abides!

I’m not here to proselytize. But after my first weekend-long retreat at the Shambhala Mountain Center, I have three pretty powerful reasons to put my bum on a cushion regularly.

Basic goodness. The Buddha said that we all are basically good. But we probably won’t believe that until we sit still long enough to make friends with our thoughts.

Familiarity. Once we get to know our mind, it can be a relaxing and comfortable place to rest. Maybe like getting a spa pedicure while chaos bangs at the door.

Humor. When we know and enjoy ourselves as basically good, we can be more playful. We are funny creatures—all of us—especially when we live in the present for long enough to feel joy. 

As I celebrate six months in business with Flamingo Strategies and this blog, I am grateful for the basic goodness of my clients and friends. And I am happy to reconnect with the creative writer that has always lived within me. 

As we keep Hacking Away at Happiness together, let’s keep it real. Keep it light.

Things are tough out there. But we've got this.

As long as we remember to laugh.

Peaceful abiding

Peaceful abiding

Underdogs and happenstance

Underdogs and happenstance