Creating value for clients
by connecting vision and voice™ 

There are good stories everywhere when we pay close attention.

There are good stories everywhere when we pay close attention.

Succinct and sticky storytelling can differentiate your school, company or personal brand. Combine that with an effective content placement strategy, and you will engage and persuade your audiences.

Barbara Brooks is an award-winning writer, veteran higher education marketer and media strategist, and creative leader. Flamingo Strategies LLC expresses her professional and personal mission to create value by connecting vision and voice.


A "good story well told" can fire up the faithful, persuade the pundits or turn skeptics into foot soldiers. Barbara writes charismatic profiles, makes strategic plans sing and turns plain vanilla copy to ginger wasabi swirl.

Content placement

Once you have it, great content deserves to live and breathe: on your website and blogs, and in newsletters, speeches, OpEds, advertising and more. Barbara will help integrate your owned content with earned, paid and social media strategies.

Audience engagement

Keep the conversation going! Flamingo Strategies will help you engage current and future customers—from investors and donors, to students and families, faculty and staff, neighbors, alumni, volunteers and friends. 

“I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
— Mark Twain