Stand up. Stand out.

Flamingo Strategies is a classic start-up tale—of rebirth and quest. Of voyage and return. Of overcoming the monster.

These archetypes (and a few others) apply to every story ever told.

In this story, there's drama, empathy, and a heroine.

She makes the world a better place through telling stories of impact and purpose.

* * *

During 20 years as a leader in higher education communications, Barbara Brooks created and shared stories of amazing pedagogy, brilliant research and successful outcomes. She set messaging strategy, managed crises and made sure that great content reached the right audiences.

But more responsibility meant more time in meetings. And that meant fewer opportunities to put words on the page.

In search of more creative freedom, Barbara started Flamingo Strategies LLC—a business wholly dedicated to helping clients "stand up and stand out," through telling and sharing their stories of impact and purpose.

Barbara holds a BS in journalism from Northwestern University and an MFA in creative writing from the Bennington Writing Seminars in Vermont. Her short stories and author interviews have appeared in Writer's DigestGlimmer TrainThe Writer's Chronicle, various university alumni magazines, the Denver Post, and elsewhere.

Her personal stories and commentary appear on her blog, Hacking Away at Happiness, and on Medium.

A native of Miami Beach, Barbara spent most of her life in New York (city and upstate). Before transitioning to higher ed, she worked in Manhattan as a senior VP at two mid-sized, independent PR firms. She served Fortune 100 clients, small businesses and startups, and helped the agencies grow. 

Today, Barbara lives and works in Denver. Her clients include universities, companies and individuals, and she volunteers in the public K-12 space.

While embracing the gig economy, Barbara is camping solo, playing at improv, learning the ukulele, and navigating side streets by scooter. 

Let her help you stand up and stand out.

Flamingos symbolize beauty, balance, and grace... Flamingos also tend to represent confidence.
— Merriam Webster