Camping in the yard: Metaphor or must?

Camping in the yard: Metaphor or must?

It’s been four months, almost to the day, since I last saw first light through the netted dome of my tent.

With the car nearby, I needed so little with me: dog, mat, sleeping bag, specs, light, book. The best part was that I felt so free.

Because with that freedom came openness to the day ahead. Ideas came easily and I had no reason to hide. But for the bears, I was fearless.

“Tonight I will camp in the yard.”

I say that to myself so often. I crave the fresh air and the hard ground. I want my first look to be at sky and trees.

Then why don’t I do it? And at what cost?

The tent is in the garage, the mat and sleeping bag are in the basement. And the dog? She’ll sleep wherever I do. Logistically it would be quite easy.

But then, I tell myself it doesn’t really matter if I camp in the yard. I can sleep in my bedroom with the slider open. I'll turn the heat down low.

Maybe sleeping in the yard is just a metaphor anyway. If I can feel brave and free and sleep inside, do I really need to pitch a tent?

Yes, I do.

Delivering on the promises we make to ourselves—no matter how small—is important.

Wake up early. Run the miles. Send the follow up. Help the friend. Meet the deadline. Do the do.

As a solopreneur, employee, leader, parent, or friend, if we don’t hold ourselves accountable, we feel weak. We may slip down the slope and get sloppy.

It's December now and I've procrastinated enough. The nights are cold and I will be outside my comfort zone. I need this now more than ever.

Delivering on our promises to ourselves? Yes it's important.

That’s where our integrity lies.

No resolutions, just resolve

No resolutions, just resolve

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Falling (not forcing) into place